Weaving Wearing

Weaving Wearing presents a new approach in developing garments from woven material.
The research project challenges the technique of jacquardweaving for the purpose of
wholegarment-weaving and by doing so, proposes a new way of making and thinking
about clothes. By creating double-layers a space inbetween for the shape of the body is
defined already during the weaving process and emphasizes the fundamental relationship
between form and material as they evolve simultaneously.

Carried out within the Arcintex Etn Network, placed
at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, UK.

Featured on theweaveshed
Exhibited during dutch design week 2020 “The new intimacy”

Konzept & Design: Maike Jansen
Fotos: Markus Maria Jansen
Models: Alla Bondarevskaya, Jamila Cham
Haare & Make-up: Elif Manaz